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WasteCentric Smarter data. Better performance.

Waste Centric Platform helps organizations to easily manage data of their waste activities while improving sustainability, transparency and profitability

What can WasteCentric do for you?


Rapidly move and capture your data into a single centralized system with sleek, simple mobile and desktop applications.


Simplify data recording through integration, store and organize data. Automatically to give you a clear view of your facilities performance (easily discover KPI’s and KPA’s).


With real time reporting and the assistance of our consultants you can gain a deeper understanding of what's going on in your facility, and identify which areas require attention.


Together with our platform and the knowledge of our professional team, you have the ability to optimize your processes and increase your bottom line.

About Us

A little bit more about WasteCentric

We help organizations easily manage the data and process of their waste activities.

Through our platforms we collect & organize data from various standalone systems to help you make better decisions, optimising your processes and minimise inaccurate data.

Waste Centric has over 10 years’ experience in the waste management and cloud computing industries.

We value the importance of monitoring your waste activates, equipment efficiency and fuel consumption as well as other important KPI’s such as compaction and airspace utilisation. Our team of experts realised that several challenges encountered while managing waste facilities are related to scattered, inaccurate and absent data

Our Services

What we provide to you

Waste Centric is committed to ensure a smooth transition to your new digital journey. Our team will be with you every step of the way from setting up user permissions to configuring your custom dashboards. Waste Centric Cloud can be configured and implemented through an easy online process.
Waste Centric provides a range of waste management consulting and engineering services.
  • Landfill facility design
  • Basal and cover lining systems
  • Waste slope stability analysis
  • Veneer stability analysis
  • Development and filling plans
  • Airspace calculations and lifespan estimations
  • Operational plans
  • Leachate treatment solutions
  • Biogas extraction and treatment solutions
  • Rehabilitation & post-closure monitoring
The landfill operation and maintenance training address all the facets associated with modern waste disposal and treatment facilities. Industry best practice are covered, delegates are introduced to modern technology available in the industry as well as sharing our return of experience by using case studies.
Waste Centric offers training for the Waste Centric Cloud system as well as industry best practice training for landfill owners and operators.
We provide comprehensive training on Waste Centric Cloud to ensure your digital journey is optimised. This is the stage where you get to know all the features and functions.

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